Experienced Attorney for Tennessee Juvenile Cases

While many legal issues affecting children are dealt with in family court, certain cases are dealt with in Tennessee's juvenile court system, which has different procedures than the adult system. These procedures are intended to give additional protection to children's interests.

If you are involved in a case that may end up being dealt with in juvenile court, attorney Claire Reno has the experience to guide you through the process and pursue a positive result. Contact us at the Reno Law Firm in Memphis to discuss your juvenile law issues. We serve clients in Shelby County and throughout the region.

Pursuing Paternity and Related Determinations

One of the most common issues dealt with in Tennessee juvenile court is the status of children born to unmarried parents. Children under these circumstances have the same rights to their parents' care and support that the children of married parents have, but these rights are enforced in juvenile court rather than family court.

We are experienced at pursuing paternity cases (also known as legitimation), child custody and visitation, and child support for the children of unmarried parents.

Certain issues involving modification and enforcement of child custody and support are also dealt with in juvenile court, even if the original decisions were handed down by a family court during a divorce.

Handling a Range of Juvenile Court Matters

Other situations that are generally addressed in juvenile court include allegations of dependency, abuse and neglect by parents, as well as grandparents' rights cases and other cases where a nonparent is seeking temporary or permanent custody over a child.

In addition to going to juvenile court on behalf of parents and other adults involved in juvenile proceedings, Claire Reno also serves as a guardian ad litem, a court-appointed lawyer representing the interests of children in these cases. Contact us to talk to an attorney who is highly experienced with the juvenile court system.

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