Helping Parents Seek Fair Custody Arrangements

Child custody can be one of the most stressful issues in family law, affecting parents and children alike. If you are concerned about child custody, you should consult an experienced, compassionate family law attorney who can help you through the process.

At the Reno Law Firm in Memphis, we have extensive experience helping clients resolve child custody issues. Whether you are going through a divorce or have concerns about your rights as an unmarried parent, don't hesitate to contact us. Attorney Claire Reno serves clients in Shelby County and throughout the region.
Understanding Tennessee Parenting Plans

In Tennessee and many other states, the traditional concepts of child custody and visitation have been combined into a single concept called "parenting time." A parenting plan ordered by the court will divide up who has primary physical responsibility for the child on different days.

A parenting plan can be agreed to by the parents through informal decision-making or formal mediation. If the parents cannot agree, then the judge will consider the facts and make a decision, with a focus on the child's best interests.

Decision-making authority over the child can also be divided up in the parenting plan. Each of several important issues such as education, health care, religious upbringing and extracurricular activities can be assigned to one parent, or both parents can be given joint responsibility.

Handling Modification and Relocation Issues

Since the care and supervision of children is an ongoing responsibility, child custody and visitation arrangements can be changed by the court to reflect new circumstances. The following are some common situations that can result in modification of a parenting plan:

  • Drug or alcohol abuse by a parent
  • Abusive behavior by a stepparent or stepsibling
  • Death or illness of a parent
  • Illness of the child

If you or your child's other parent is planning to move outside of Tennessee or within the state but more than 100 miles away, you should talk to a lawyer about getting parental relocation approval from the court.

We regularly help clients address child custody and visitation issues that come up after the initial decree. Contact us to discuss your concerns.

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